Feedback of participants and visitors

Vasily Appolonov, representative of the Kinforest brand at BRABUSTAER

This is the second time we have taken part in the Tires & Rubber 2024 exhibition. It is a key event for us, as well as for the entire Russian market. Thanks to it, we can settle many issues in a short time. Here our company meets both new customers and discusses issues with regular partners.

The products of our plant are presented in a large assortment and are in demand. Tires & Rubber is a platform where you can learn about the latest industry trends, new technologies and products of the tire industry. The activity at the stand is very high, which cannot but please.

Boris Blank, Director General at FLUOROELASTOMERS

Tires & Rubber is not only a platform where the industry representatives meet, but also an event that brings together the past, present and future of the industry.

The current exhibition is busier than in previous years. Many more people come with interesting enquiries. There is also a very high level of activity on the part of competing companies. The market is developing, adjusting to new realities.

All exhibitors want to interest the visitors who come to the exhibition. We try to give them new ideas, so come to Tires & Rubber.

Daria Borodina, Head of Rubber Goods Division at Nortex

This trade show is an opportunity for us to communicate with our regular customers as well as to attract new ones. Also here we can provide them with new sources of raw materials and supplies.

Tires & Rubber is a great platform that brings together all customers and suppliers under one roof. This event is especially useful for foreign companies, and we, as their distributors, take advantage of this unique opportunity to showcase our product range and discuss pressing issues.


Alexander Grachev, representative of HTK

This is not the first time we have exhibited at the Tires & Rubber exhibition. This trade show provides us with new opportunities for development. This year, the entire pavilion is occupied, which is evidence of the growing interest in the event. It annually brings all the industry representatives together on one platform.

Ivan Nogovitsin, Project Manager of Rubber Chemistry Department at Ruskhimset

We have taken part in the Tires & Rubber exhibition more than ten times already. The stand is very busy: there are many visitors. Delegations from other regions come, and sometimes we spend two or three hours networking with them.

This year, it is very pleasant to see that the exhibition, you could say, has come to life: there are a lot of visitorss. There is a great interest in the products.

Denis Pilnikov, Director General at Ural Plant of Elastomer Seals

We take part in the Tires & Rubber exhibition almost every year. This trade show helps us to establish new contacts and meet old partners. This event is very useful because regular customers come and find out what we have achieved over the past year. New customers get acquainted with our products, we tell and demonstrate everything that we produce, that we can produce.

I believe this is a key trade show for our industry. It allows us to build communication with competitors, raw material suppliers and consumers. It is also accompanied by a rich conference programme: talks, workshops, presentations. This is very useful for our industry. Tires & Rubber is the only point of contact where all representatives of the industry can meet and communicate.

Alexander Safonov, Sales Director at Sever Auto

Tires & Rubber used to be a trade show not so much focused on tires, but now it is one of the key events for tire manufacturers. Various companies as well as local players are represented here.

In the current period of market uncertainty, this exhibition has become the very place where people find answers to their questions regarding the tire business. I hope that this exhibition will provide an additional opportunity for our customers and partners to familiarise themselves with our products.

Mark Sorokin, representative of Revada-Neva

Tires & Rubber is, in our opinion, an interesting trade show. It is promising, there are both suppliers and consumers, so necessary for business, as well as people interested in the development of the tire industry in Russia.

At this exhibition, there are many contacts, many presentations of new products and new ideas. People can share some of their developments. Despite the fact that our company is participating in this exhibition for the first time, we were pleasantly surprised by the interest shown in our company.

Inga Fedotova, Head of eramex Industrial Chemistry Department at SEVAK

This trade show gives us many opportunities. Not only do we meet our customers, with whom we work on a regular basis, but we also get to know new customers. Customers study our companys products, we find out what products and services we can provide.

The work at the stand is very active: the meeting schedule is minute-by-minute, but there is also time for new customers. In addition, this event is a great opportunity to meet employees of the companys divisions. The Tires & Rubber exhibition means new opportunities.

Andrey Prinada, Director General at ISTRA SKB

We have been participating in the Tires & Rubber exhibition for a long time. The exhibition is a great opportunity to present our products and we use it successfully. Every time after the event we summarise the results and we always have new customers.

I believe that Tires & Rubber plays a great role for the industry. The trade show demonstrates how the industry is developing, what direction it is moving to.

This event is very important, firstly, because it is an opportunity for all representatives of the industry to meet, exchange technologies, and find new raw materials. Therefore, I think that the organisers of this exhibition do a good job.

Please come to Tires & Rubber 2025 and you will be happy with us!