Feedback of participants and visitors

Georgy Tyukavin, Arcon Project Head:

I am a representative of the company Arcon. We have been representing the interests of foreign manufacturers of technological equipment in the field of ecology and recycling of various kinds of waste for 30 years in the Russian Federation. Tires & Rubber meets high international standards and is our core competence.
We are certainly glad to fulfill our mission of providing the top recycling technology in Russia in this challenging period.
Over the past years, we have already built up our reputation and our credibility thanks to this exhibition in particular.
Those who meet with us can already see that the situation is stable, we have been here year after year, we are present at the exhibition, we continue to work despite all the difficulties and challenges and the exhibition definitely helps us thereby.

Anton Akimov, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Foreign Trade Council, Director of Government Relations at Cordiant AO:

The exhibition is undoubtedly a very important event in terms of production and sales of tires, rubber goods and rubbers.
This kind of platform is certainly very important and relevant both for producers of raw materials and for consumers as well as for the production of finished products.
We have just held an event where the issues of export and import of tires and rubber goods were discussed.
And at this event we have already identified the points of contact between the Russian consumers of raw materials and foreign suppliers.
I would like to wish everyone good luck, success, and further fruitful work so that the business of the exhibitors only grows and develops.

Boris Blank, CEO of Fluoroelastomers OOO:

Tires & Rubber has always been a focal point for professionals in the field of rubber technology and rubber industry, and it remains the same this year as well.
Lots of people come to learn something new, to discuss existing projects, to identify interests for new projects.
A lot of visitors come to participate in the supporting programme, in the forum and in the discussions. Many come especially for this purpose, and we successfully help to solve all the issues relating to the rubber industry here. Life is evolving. The world is not standing still. Develop together with it, together with us. Go ahead, we will succeed.

Lubarto Sartoyo, Advisor, Head of the Exporters and Importers Association Committee, co-founder of the MYRIAD Group:

Exhibitions allow you to see the person, your opponent, your potential client, your partner, which certainly increases trust. Despite the fact that there are complications. Complications pass, they are dealt with, so the main thing is to work, the key thing is to establish relations and everything will be great and fine. Therefore, exhibitions are very useful, and the venue is gorgeous, we are happy to be present here every year.

Evgeny Rukhmanov, Head of SKB Istra AO:

I represent the SKB Istra joint-stock company. The company is generally engaged in supplying chemicals to the tire industry. The exhibition is going quite dynamically. We can say that it is a reunion of old friends. I really liked the fact that we are seeing more and more people coming to visit us from Iran, from the Arab Emirates, approaching the stands. This means that we are building a brave new world, a macro world and new supply chains, making new contacts and establishing new contracts at this exhibition. There are a lot of new young businessmen who want to be involved in this particular industry, which is tires and rubbers. We should unite, join some associations. And then we will be able to go this way all together.