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KraussMaffei Berstorff is an integrated provider of processing equipment and automated production lines, offering to the customers technical solutions ready for all the major manufacturing processes of plastic and rubber extrusion. KraussMaffei Berstorff supplies process equipment and systems for manufacturing of compounds, plastics, films, plates and packaging from the foam materials, products made of polyurethane, silicone and TPE, as well as for manufacturing of a wide range of non-molding mechanical rubber products sealing profiles, hoses, technical plates, conveyor belts, V-belts, flooring, roofing surfaces and tire components. KraussMaffei Berstorff is your reliable partner who will carry out design, manufacture and supply of necessary equipment that will meet your requirements, including its installation and commissioning, as well as staff training. Our Moscow technical service center B.KM ensures quality performance warranty, post-warranty service work, it carries out technical advice and prompt delivery of necessary spare parts upon your orders from our warehouse in Moscow. Our extensive experience and theoretical knowledge in the field of plastics and rubber manufacturing, combined with your practical experience in production is a reliable key to our overall success and confidence in the future! KraussMaffei Berstorff is a modern technical level, reliability and quality of equipment! We work for you!