Телефон: +7 (8482) 696-345, 696-347, 696-342
Адрес: Россия, 445043, Самарская обл., г. Тольятти, ул. Борковская, д. 18а
E-mail: maria@tyre-pv.ru
Сайт: https://bontyre.ru/
Страна: Russia

One of the largest suppliers of car and truck tires, wheel disks and batteries. Retail and wholesale distribution. There are branch offices in the cities of Togliatti, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Orenburg and Ufa. Own production for retreading of truck tires by means of cold and hot curing. Unique plant for retreading of OTR (24.00 R-35, 27.00 R-49, 33.00 R-51, 40.00 R-57). Exclusive importer of Bontyre products.