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E-mail: oxana.minol@kraiburg.de
: http://www.kraiburg-rubber-compounds.com
: Germany

GUMMIWERK KRAIBURG GMBH & CO. KG is a German company and the leading expert which develops and manufactures unvulcanized rubber and silicone compounds. Our range of products includes over 3500 recipes of compounds and over 40000 modifications to these recipes. The compounds are widely applied in different branches of industry. The key benefit of GUMMIWERK KRAIBURG GMBH & CO. KG lies in development and production of tailor-made compounds in accordance with the clients needs. GUMMIWERK KRAIBURG GMBH & CO.KG places a great attention to upgrade of the existing compounds, improves them and constantly develops new rubber compounds in line with the latest achievements of science and technology. The main target of new developments is to create compounds which meet constantly growing demands of the market. We guarantee: the German quality, repeatability, shortest time of production and delivery of the compounds.