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Phone: +39 (035) 933487
Address: Via Soldini 10, 24060 Adrara San Martino (BG), Italy
E-mail: export.ru@ocs-stampi.it
Web: http://www.ocs-stampi.it
Country: Italy
For more than 40 years O.C.S. Srl has been producing compression and injection moulds for O-rings and other precision rubber gaskets. Also professional mould chroming could be done.


Phone: +39 (035) 928 489
Address: Via Colognola 1B, 24060 Viadanica (BG), Italy
E-mail: cromolo@orpstampi.it
Web: http://www.orpstampi.it
Country: Italy
OR.P. STAMPI has been designing and manufacturing precision moulds and cold pots for O-ring seals and technical rubber parts for 30 years. Great care is given to productivity rubber saving and mouldin...