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Phone: +7 (495) 730-0310
Address: Administration Room, 6, Matveevskaya Str., 119501, Moscow, Russia
E-mail: penta@penta-91.ru
Web: http://www.itwpenta.ru
Country: Russia
Penta-91 is a leading developer and manufacturer of hi-tech silicon materials: rubber mixes, release greases, PMS and emulsions, anti-foamers, joint sealers, compounds.


Phone: +7 (812) 244-0504
Address: Litera U, 231, Moskovskoe Shosse, Shushary Settlement, 196626, Saint Petersburg, Russia
E-mail: info@petromaster.ru
Web: http://www.petromaster.ru
Country: Russia
A nationwide chain of the Tire Shops and Car Washes: more than 70 ones all over Russia. Tires and wheels for commercial vehicles, tires for special purpose vehicles. Direct supplies from factories. M...

PK AllMag Co., Ltd.

Phone: +7 (495) 971-5304
Address: Room 14, Premises 1, Bldg. 2, 35, Ibragimova Str., 105318, Moscow, Russia
E-mail: info@pk-om.ru
Web: http://pk-om.ru/
Country: Russia
PK AllMag Co. Ltd. manufactures a wide range of magnetic separators for refining products from ferromagnetic inclusions and also supplies different home and imported equipment.


Phone: +420 (573) 350-444
Address: Kroměřížská 134, Hulín 768 24, Czech Republic
E-mail: info@pneuform.eu
Web: http://www.pneuform.eu
Country: Czech Republic
World supplier of complete assortment of molds for production of all kinds of tires.


Phone: 8 800 200 1112
Address: Bldg. 2, 16, Tokmakov Pereulok, 105066, Moscow, Russia
E-mail: podpiska@vedomost.ru
Web: http://promo.polymerbranch.com/
Country: Russia
Professional industrial magazine “Polymer Materials. Products. Equipment. Materials.” is intended for technology engineers, managers, procurement officers and market managers.


Phone: +7 (812) 313-5414
Address: P.O. Box 140, 190020, Saint Petersburg, Russia
E-mail: info@epcprof.ru
Web: http://www.epcprof.ru
Country: Russia
Đublishing of quality professional technical books written by Russian and foreign authors in the sphere of technology and polymers conversion, analytical chemistry and petrochemistry and other areas.

PumaTech Srl

Phone: +39 (0382) 944838
Address: Via Delle Margherite, 10 — 27016 Sant'Alessio Con Vialone (PV), Italy
E-mail: info@pumatech.it
Web: http://www.pumatech.it
Country: Italy
PumaTech, founded in 2009, offers new ideas and innovative solutions to satisfy the requests of a competitive market in the rubber field.