ECO companies related to recycling of used tires and technical rubber goods, manufacture of products from recycled materials, retreading of tires.

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Exhibitor Country Booth Product sector Decription
ARCON OVERSEAS LIMITEDECORUSSIA3F28Equipment and devicesArcon supply equipment for rejected tyres recycling and recondition and technologies for rubber goods production as well.
BANG&BONSOMERRUSSIA, FINLAND3F40Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goodsB&B supplies raw materials and additives for tires and rubber goods. EPDM, silicone rubber, polymer filaments, additives for PVC, lubricants, mold release, phenolic resins, processing AIDS, curing accelerators, etc.
BARWELL GLOBAL LIMITEDNEWTHE UNITED KINGDOM3F20Equipment and devicesOur machinery is decided to: 1. Reduce material wastage 2. Reduce production time 3. Automate production 4. Reduce operator training 5. Keep maintenance to a minimum 6. Robust machinery which is fully supported for spares and service.
BORRACHAS VIPAL S.A.NEWBRASIL3E40Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goodsVipal Rubber is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of products for retreading and repair of tires and inner tubes.
COMERIO ERCOLE SRLITALY3E18Equipment and devicesComerio Ercole has been operating since 1885 in the manufacturing of machines and industrial plants for rubber and plastic industries. The quality system certification obtained by Comerio Ercole as per UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 states design, installation, startup and assistance of machines and plants for: calendering of rubber, plastic material, fabrics, nonwovens and other materials with similar process technology. Comerio Ercole is constantly developing new patented technological solutions for calendering process being engaged also in research and development programs as authorized laboratory promoting worldwide co-operation at international level. Comerio Ercole, is able to realize and supply also engineering and know-how at all levels.
DIKABO BVECONEWHOLLAND3E65Finished productsDIKABO is one of the leading casing dealers of Europe with more than 25 years of history. It is dealing in truck casings, used tyres, military tyres and e.m. casings. The company is well known for its variety of sizes, good qulaity and brands backed by quick service and delivery.
HF MIXING GROUP (HARBURG-FREUDENBERGER MASCHINENBAU GMBH)NEWGERMANY3E50Equipment and devicesThe HF Mixing Group develops and produces machines and accessories for the plastics and rubber industry with a high level of professional technical expertise. In particular, these include mixers for the manufacturer of technical rubber goods and the tyre industry. We build discharge aggregates and special machines for this branch of industry and handle the furnishing of compounding facilities all the way to complete automation systems. Our sustainable products are used worldwide for the manufacture of tyre applications, sealing profiles, cables and friction linings as well as for thermoplastic elastomers and special polymer blends.
KABAT TYRE SP Z.O.O.SP.J.POLAND3C78Finished products
KLÖCKNER DESMA ELASTOMERTECHNIK GMBHECOGERMANY3F50Equipment and devicesDESMA realizes machines and systems for the production of technical rubber and silicone moulded articles. The DESMA turnkey plants make demanding products which seal up, dampen, fix, insulate or protect. In order to manufacture them successfully, we put excellent technologies and service performances worldwide on our customers' side.
KRAUSSMAFFEI BERSTORFF GMBHGERMANY3F30Equipment and devicesThe KraussMaffei Group is among the global leading manufacturers of machines and systems for the production and processing from plastic and rubber.
KWIK PATCHECONEWINDIA3C60Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goodsKwik Patch Ltd is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Tyre and Tube repair Patches and conveyor belt repair/splicing systems.
LTE SRL.ITALY3G80Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goodsLTE Srl produces rubber compounds in FKM, FFKM, VMQ and FVMQ, widely used in the production of O-Rings, precision gaskets, metal rubber items, extruded profiles and gaskets in general.
LWB STEINL GMBH & CO. KGGERMANY3E50Equipment and devicesWith our design ideas we affected the development in the rubber industry considerably. We are particularly proud to mark (with our concepts) new ways which offer our customers opportunities to fulfil the demands of the automotive industry and to produce quality and profitable equipment.
MONTECH WERKSTOFFPRÜMASCHINEN GMBHGERMANY3E50Equipment and devices, SoftwareMoving Die Rheometers MDR 3000, MDR 3000 Basic. Variable Mooney Viscosimeters V-MV 3000, V-MV 3000. MonControl analyses software. Multi-functional testing software for all avaliable types of rubber - te.
MESNACSLOVAKIA, CHINA3D30Equipment and devicesEstablished in 2000, MESNAC is an international group company originating from Qingdao University of Science and Technology. MESNAC is committed to R&D and innovation of information equipment, industrial software application and new rubber material research. It aims to promote the development of industrial intelligence and provide integrated informationalized software/equipment & management/control solutions for rubber companies. Apart from rubber machinery, it also operates in the field of automation logistics, Internet of Things, chemical industrial equipment, new rubber material.
M. HUBER I.T.S. GMBHGERMANY3E50Equipment and devicesRubber processing equipment, design & manufacturer of molds , cold runner systems & turnkey solutions for rubbermoulding process. Second hand machinery & process consulting.
OCS S.R.L.ITALY3G80Equipment and devicesFor 40 years O.C.S. has been leading a primary role in the manufacturing of moulds for industrial parts made of the different types of Elastomers and Silicones presently available on the market.
ORP STAMPI S.R.L.ITALY3F60Equipment and devicesOR.P. STAMPI has been designing and manufacturing precision moulds and cold pots for O-ring seals and technical rubber part for 30 years. Great care is given to productivity rubber saving and moulding.
PNEUFORM HULIN A.S.CZECH REPUBLIC3F70Equipment and devicesA traditional producer of moulds, containers and complete tyre vulcanization systems. We have been operating in the market for 23 years. Thanks to our long years of experience in the field, we have become the largest domestic supplier of moulds for the rubber industry.
PUMATECH SRLNEW3F60Equipment and devicesPumaTech, founded in 2009, carries out new ideas and innovative solutions to satisfy the requests of a competitive market in the rubber field.
REKOR KAUCUK A.S.ECOTURKEY3G84Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goodsRekor Kauçuk is one of the pioneer and leader companies in the rubber industry in Turkey. It is equipped with Europe and America's best machines manufactured by the most modern equipment manufacturers. Istanbul Pendik factory consists of total 28.000 m² area of which 10.000 m² closed area. We have two main production categories namely; retreading material production and rubber compounding.
RUBICON GUMMITECHNIK UND MASCHINENBAU GMBHGERMANY3E50Equipment and devicesRubicon Gummitechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH is specialized in the manufacture of extrusion lines for the rubber processing industry. We supply and deliver customized solutions to renowned producers of engineering rubber products, of the tyre or cable industries throughout the world.
SASPOL TECHNOLOGY SRLITALY3F60Equipment and devices, SERVICESAll kinds of press, including laboratory, special press for manufacturing transportation tapes and a press for restoration of protectors of tyres.
TEXTIMA EXPORT IMPORT GMBHGERMANY3E50Equipment and devicesRepresentation of German companies for rubber equipment: Rubicon, MonTech, Maschinenbau Scholz, LWB GmbH, Harburg Freudenberg and Zeppelin.
TROESTER GMBH & CO. KGGERMANY3F45Equipment and devicesTROESTER is well known as a reliable extrusion partner and source of know-how for all major rubber companies engaged in the production of tires and technical products such as hoses, profiles and rubber sheets.
TUNG YU HYDRAULIC MACHINERY CO., LTDECOTAIWAN3C75Equipment and devicesTung Yu, with ISO 9001 approved and CE certified, is highly experienced in the field of hydraulic machinery since 1983. Tung Yu manufactures a wide assortment of products, from 5 tons hydraulic press to 13,000 tons conveyor belt production line and we offer a comprehensive One-Stop Shopping service for customers. Our product line includes: Compression Molding Machines, Rubber and (Liquid) Silicon Injection Molding Machines, Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machines, Tire Molding Machines, Retreading and Solid Tire Molding Machines.
VMI HOLLAND BVNETHERLANDS3E55Equipment and devicesVMI is a specialist in machinery for the tire and technical rubber industry. VMI develops and produces advanced radial tire building machines, as well as extrusion and rubber millroom solutions.
VIPO A.S.SLOVAKIA3D32Equipment and devices, Innovations and R&DCustomer oriented development and engineering company, European supplier of equipment and solutions for PCR tyres, TRUCK tyres and OTR tyres production, We offer bead winding lines, single, double, triple and multiwire =, apex lines, bead-apex handling systems, slitting machines for rubberized textile, measuring devices, application of control systems and visualization.
ALPHA-FTORNEWRUSSIA3G82Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate good, Finished products
AMKODOR ELASTOMERREPUBPLIC BELARUS3E74Finished productsMoulded and non-moulded induatrial rubber goods manufacturing, including the low pressure hoses. Quick and high quality equipment manufacturing according to the customer drawings. The shortest terms of order execution.
BPM TECHNOLOGY, LLCRUSSIA3A88Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goods, Equipment and devicesSilicone, fluorosilicone rubbers and mixes. We provide our customers with rubber mix formulations in accordance with their individual requirements.
BONUS, LLCECONEWRUSSIA3H75Equipment and devicesBonus Ltd offers machines for the production of modified regenerate from rubber granules. We have 25 years of experience in manufacturing machines and stands and have proven to be a reliable manufacturer.
BRABENDER, LLCRUSSIA, GERMANY3A40Equipment and devicesFounded in 1923 by Carl Wilhelm Brabender, Brabender GmbH & Co. KG is the leading company for the development, manufacture, and distribution of instruments and equipment for testing material quality and physical characteristics in all fields of research, development, and industrial production in the chemical and food industries all over the world.
VALKAR CO, SCIENTIFIC AND PRODUCTION COMPANY, LTD.RUSSIAFinished products,Innovations, R&DVALKAR Co. Ltd. scientific and Production Company specializes in manufacture and supply of industrial and general purpose moulded and non-moulded rubber products: rubber mixtures with unique characteristics based on silicone, fluoro silicone, fluoride, ethylene-propylene and other rubbers with working capacity range from -70 C to +300 C. Our highly qualified specialists develop and manufacture rubber products with our own equipment from our Clients drawings and samples.
VIONNEWRUSSIA3H84Finished products
VOSTOKSHINA, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANYRUSSIA3E76Finished productsVostokShina LLC sells a wide range of rims and tires for trucks and specialized vehicles from leading manufacturers of South-East Asia, Europe and Russia in the Russian market.
GALOELASTOMERYNEWRUSSIA3D72Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goodsThe company's profile is the production of halogenated synthetic and natural rubbers, as well as products based on them, intended for use in various sectors of the national economy.
HERMES, TRADING HOUSE, LLCRUSSIA3E10Finished productsHERMES Trading House is a reliable truck tyres importer from top Chinese manufactures, such as Koryo, Toryo, Copartner, Barkley.
GRODNO AZOT, JSCREPUBPLIC BELARUS3E70Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goodsProduction of ammonia, nitrogen based fertilizers, caprolactam, methanol, 6 chips polyamide and polymeric composite materials, cord fabric for tyre industry, industrial yarns, polyamide 6 F yarn.
EURO CHEMICALS, LLCRUSSIA3E35Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goods, SubcontractingEuro Chemicals LLC is the Official Distributor of WACKER Chemie AG. Engaged in the supply of silicone and fluorosilicone rubbers for various purposes: automotive, cable, petrol resistant, heat-resistant, cold-resistant. Modifiers and additives for silicone rubber. Release agents, silicone fluids.
ETC, GROUP OF COMPANIESRUSSIA3H86Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goodsUTS group is one of the largest foreign special chemical raw materials distributor in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
INSTITUTE PLASTMASSRUSSIARaw and auxiliary products, intermediate goods; Innovations, R&D, Services
INFORMATIKA ADSERBIA3F24Equipment and devicesInformatika established in 1976, with a team of over 200 specialists provides solutions in the computer industry, industrial processes automation, and integrated business processes computer management
ISKOSH, JSCRUSSIA3E84Finished productsIskosh JSC is a diversified production association, one of the areas of activity is the manufacture of rubber fabrics, products, adhesives, cords, of rubber cushioning.
ISTRA, SKBRUSSIA3E45Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goodsDistribution and promotion of worlds brands of industrial chemical raw materials for the tire, rubber and cable industries. Production of reinforcing fillers for rubber goods.
KVARTRUSSIA3D70Finished productsKVART is one of the largest rubber plants producing rubber goods for various industries.
CERAMEXRUSSIA3E80Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goodsCR, NBR, EPDM, FKM, ACM, NR rubber. SBS, SEBS, SIS. Rubber compounds and Ceracit, Ceranox, Cerachlor components. Megum, Thixon, Ceraflex, Ceramelt bonding agents. Cerapren. Noxtite, Skyprene, Dutral, Europrene, Mixland.
LESOKHIMIK, JSCREPUBPLIC BELARUS3F22Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goodsLesohimik JSC is one of the oldest enterprises of the Republic of Belarus. The main product is a pine rosin, rosin esters, gum turpentine, wood-protective antiseptic
MAPLANRUSSIAEquipment and devices, SERVICES
MOST, NPPRUSSIA3D22Innovations, R&D, Services
PENTA-913G88Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goodsPenta-91 is a leading developer and manufacturer of hi-tech silicon materials: rubber mixes, release greases, PMS and emulsions, anti-foamers, joint sealers, compounds.
PK OLMAG, LLCNEWRUSSIA3H70Equipment and devicesPK AllMag Co., Ltd. manufactures a wide range of magnetic separators for refining products from ferromagnetic inclusions and also supplies different home and imported equipment.
REDMAG NPPNEWRUSSIA3D10Equipment and devicesRedmag was founded in 1997. It specializes in the design and manufacture of high-energy permanent magnets based on rare-earth alloys, as well as related systems and products.
RESINOPLAST, LLCNEWUKRAINE3E72Finished productsRezinoplast company producing rubber products and equipment for the production on CNC machines. Sini for forklift trucks. Water hose, rings, cuffs, legacie police.
REZINOTEHNIKA, LLCRUSSIA3D50Finished products, Equipment and devicesRezinotekhnika manufactures moulds, presses, injection presses and RTI products (including custom made). Import substitution. The minimum time.
REP MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGIES, LLCRUSSIA3C70Equipment and devices,Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goodsEquipment and raw materials for rubber processors. REP injection molding machines, Tung Yu compressions presses, FISA ultrasonic cleaning. NBR, HNBR, ECO, ACM, FKM, FFKM elastomers. Rubber compounds, ingredients.
SK-POLYMERS, LLCRUSSIA3E88Finished products
TEHNOZAPCHAST, LLCNEWRUSSIA3D50Finished productsAutomobile components, rubber technical goods.
TRANSKUL, JSCRUSSIA3G60Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goods, Equipment and devicesSupply of heat-resistant polymers and elastomers for FKM, FFKM, FEP, PFA, ETFE, PEEK, PVDF, masterbatch and compounds on their basis. The painting pastes and additives for silicone rubbers. Distributor of Kolorant Hromatiks and GSDI products. Processing additives and vulcanizators for all types of rubbers.
TULA RUBBER TECHNICAL ARTICLES PLANTRUSSIA3D76Finished productsThe plant produces and distributes technicalrubber articles such as molded rubber articles,cords, tubes, profiles, rubber and rubber-fabric plates, membrane fabrics, conveyor belts, flat belts etc.
FLUOROELASTOMERSRUSSIA3H30Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goods, Equipment and devicesMixing equipment for rubber industry, compression and injection molding presses, fluoroelastomers, curing agents and special additives.
KHABAROVSKAJA TORGOVAJA KOMPANIJA, OOORUSSIA3E16Finished productsWholesale and retail trade truck and OTR tyres made in China. Official representative CHAOYANG LONGMARCH TYRE CO., LTD in Siberia and Russian Far East.
ZERMARUSSIA3A90Equipment and devices
CHAIKOVSKIY ZAVOD RTDRUSSIA3A62Finished productsThe main items of our products are GOST 8752-79 reinforced lip-type seals, rubber mats for cars, rubber perts of downhole screm motors,unvulcanized stocks.
CHRZ, JSCECORUSSIAFinished products
ELAD, LLCNEWRUSSIA3H80Finished products
ELAD-GERMES, LLCRUSSIA3D76Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goods, Finished productsManufacture and supply of rubber compounds, liners and adhesives.
ELASTOMAGRUSSIA3C80Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goods, Finished productsElastomag has been active since 2006 as a manufacturer of customized rubber compounds, molded rubber products and rubber-metal products for various purposes.
EMIRPRUSSIAFinished products
YAROSLAVL-REZINOTECHNIKARUSSIA3A70Finished productsRubber products production and distribution: drive belts, rubber compounds, rubberized fabrics, conveyor belts, polyisobutylene plates, medical oilcloth, boats.
YAROSLAVL RUBBER TECHNICAL PLANT, JSCRUSSIA388Finished productsThe enterprise manufactures a wide range of rubber technical products: molding and non-molding rubber technical parts, rubber compounds, slabs, dielectric articles, X-rays protective articles, consumer goods and etc.