Rubber 2021 is a significant event for the elastomer industry

27 / 04 / 2021

The 10th Russian Conference Rubber 2021: Traditions and Innovations has been held within the 23rd Tires & Rubber 2021 international exhibition.

The conference is organised by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Association of Developers and Manufacturers of Elastomer Materials and Products (Elastomers Association), the Scientific Research Institute of Elastomeric Materials and Articles (NIIEMI), the Lebedev Institute of Synthetic Rubber, MIREA the Russian Technological University, the Kazan National Research Technological University, assisted by EXPOCENTRE AO with informational support of the Rubber journal. 

Vladimir Razumov, Chairman of the Board of SIBUR Holding, addressed the participants with a welcoming speech: Last year was successful for us, we earned a record profit. The company is headed by young energetic professionals who have been implementing the investment programme for 12 years and have hardly ever made a mistake. When the markets collapsed, we had a power expensive polymers.

A report by Viktor Aksenov, PhD in Chemistry, presented a comparative analysis of synthetic rubber (SR) production by Russian companies over the period 2018-2020 and cited current global natural rubber (NR) production figures. According to the data he cited, "Global SR production capacity increased by 1.7% in 2019, despite negative processes, by 9% in 2020. This was the result of the completion of new solution butadiene styrene elastomer and thermoplastic elastomer and butyl rubber and ethylene propylene production facilities in the Asia-Pacific region - Iran, India and other countries. The forecast for further growth of the global SR capacity up to 2023 by 2-3% and for butadiene styrene copolymers up to 5% remains unchanged. The relative share of total Russian facilities' capacity compared to global SR capacity in 2020 was 8,2%".

The speaker stressed that Russian companies were discussing plans to increase the butyl rubber production capacity, organisation of chloroprene rubber and other general and special purpose elastomers. There are all prerequisites for this - growth of global capacities, domestic market demands related to import substitution, availability of a raw material base to produce various monomers and R&D developments.

The conference programme 2021 included over 80 plenary, section and stand reports as well as presentations. The reports provided an overview of the carbon black market in Russia and worldwide, considered the development of the market for waste tire recycling in Russia, development of engineering education through close cooperation between the university and industry, training of engineering staff for chemical and petrochemical enterprises, the nanocarbon industry and others.

The first day of the conference was attended by representatives of Makrochem, the Chimvest Scientific and Technical Centre, National University of Oil and Gas, Tire Ecology Association, Yakutsk Scientific and Research Centre, MIREA the Russian Technological University, the Kazan National Research Technological University, the Lebedev Institute of Synthetic Rubber, Eigenmann & Veronelli Russo, Volzhsky Polytechnic Institute, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Ufa Federal Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The conference has become an important professional event enabling professionals in the field of elastomers share information, summarise results and learn about new developments.

Rubber 2021: Traditions and Innovations continues its work.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO