The only one in Russia

17 / 02 / 2022

One of our exhibitors, the Dmitrov Plant of Rubber Technical Products, is a dynamically developing enterprise celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. In 2021 the plant installed a new recycling production line for large-size tires, unparalleled in our country yet. In 2022 the plant will take part in the Tires & Rubber Exhibition for the 6th time.

The Dmitrov RTP Plant is a Russian waste processing and disposal enterprise, founded in 2012. The main activity of the plant is the collection, transportation, and processing of tires and other rubber technical products. For this, the enterprise is equipped with modern equipment from Eldan Recycling (Denmark), ARDEN EQUIPMENT (France), TANA (Finland). Up to 20 tons of waste per hour are processed here. Among the partners and clients of the Dmitrov RTP Plant are such companies as Gazprom Neft, Russian Post, Mosgortrans, Mostransavto, Russian Railways, Sheremetyevo Airport, MGTS, Nike, Rendez-Vous, and others.

“We are the largest plant in Russia for recycling tires and other types of waste of hazard class IV. In 2021 we installed a new recycling line for large-size tires over 2.5 meters in diameter. It is unparalleled in Russia!”, says Anastasia Belyakova, Leading Manager of the Recycling Department of the Dmitrov RTP Plant. “The waste of hazard class IV includes oil products and industrial waste, construction waste, containers, scrap metal, remains of demolished buildings, wood waste in short, almost all solid domestic waste. We welcome cooperation from companies that need to recycle tires, glass, plastic, film, rubber products, paper, cardboard, household appliances, computers and equipment, cable and wire products, textiles, shoes, ferrous and nonferrous metals. We also welcome distributors of products made of tires, metals, glass, plastic, textiles, household appliances, polyethylene, cardboard and paper chips.”

According to Anastasia, over the years of participation in Tires & Rubber, the company has acquired quite a few new partnerships, and this is certainly encouraging. “We have a lot of plans for the 2022 exposition," explains Anastasia Belyakova. “It would be perfect to meet colleagues and potential customers, to learn as much as possible about trends, developments, and discoveries that have been made in our industry over the past year. We are planning to present a new processing line for recycling large-size tires, as well as to introduce guests to new products obtained in the process of recycling used tires.”