Feedback of exhibitors and visitors to Tires & Rubber 2023

28 / 04 / 2023

Denis Pilnikov, Director at Ural Plant of Elastomer Seals

I would like to point out that this year's show is bigger. Our Chinese partners are a great addition to it. The number of clients has increased. We can see active participation of visitors: they come and look, and are interested in the plant's products. There are a lot of visitors, and we are happy with it. 

This show successfully brings together suppliers of equipment, raw and chemical materials, and consumers. Such a symbiosis provides an additional impetus, additional opportunities for the development of the industry, and the development of the economy as a whole.

Srdjan Sreckovic, Director General at Gomma Line

Impressions are good, we are very satisfied. Negotiations are going on without stopping. It is important to expand contacts in the current circumstances. The market has provided a tremendous opportunity to develop, especially with the participation of Chinese partners, who are well represented at this show. These are great prospects, great opportunities we need to use them.

Such events allow you to raise your head and figure out where to go, perhaps even reconsider your approach and improve your business, and the quality of the products you make.

Arkady Mukhin, Director General at Melaris

The overall impression of this year's show was a breakthrough: it was several times bigger than in previous years. We were surprised to see a huge number of exhibitors and visitors. It surpassed all the expectations we had before the show. 

Competition from China is generally good for the general market background, so we see no particular problem with the large number of Chinese exhibitors.

On the first day, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade organised a panel, and we participated too. For us, as tire manufacturers, a lot of pressing issues were voiced, together with options to solve them.

Boris Blank, Director General at Ftorelastomery

We participate in Tires & Rubber every year. Our company has been growing together with the show for many years. We constantly meet new people here who come looking for solutions.

The show is truly unique, it has a unique scale and brings together a huge number of industry professionals. This is why Tires & Rubber is a history and a tradition and, at the same time, a future, but above all a platform, a meeting place, a place to discuss new things. Come and join us and let's create this new thing together.

Alexey Zhuravlev, Commercial Director at BMP Technology

We represent a rather narrow segment of the rubber industry, namely, the manufacture of rubber and technical products made from silicones. This show is practically the only one for us. It provides an expansion of the customer base, an increase in the supply of raw materials, and a confirmation that the company is in a good state and present in the market.

As for the future, for Russia, it will most likely be a revival of its production. I think the show will serve as an impetus for its revival.

Egorov Mikhail, Commercial Director at SKB Istra

We see this show more as an image building event. It is a very good occasion to see all our clients, network, feel new trends in the market, and see new clients.

There is no doubt that Tires & Rubber is the leading show, the central one. This is where you can talk to your competitors, new customers, and new manufacturers.

Kirill Vasiliev, Development Director at Giftec-Reflection

The results exceeded our expectations. Russian and foreign industry interest in this segment has been awakened.

It is easier to tell the news yourself and to show innovations in person than in publications or on the Internet. We do not get the quality feedback there that we can get at the show.

There are so many challenges for the Russian industry at the moment. As part of the Federal Closed Loop Economy Project, we have found very many innovative solutions to help achieve KPIs, namely to introduce recycled raw materials into new products from 10% to 100%. We have come to the show to share the technology with ministries, with relevant stakeholders and to tell them what we have achieved in St. Petersburg over the last two years.

Ramis Gizzatullin, Deputy Commercial Director at Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant

This year's show has been active. A lot of plants have come. The show itself is very positive. Our companys management decided to participate with a stand, and we are happy with the meetings.

At this show we have made arrangements for direct contracts. The organisers did well! Everything was done well. A word of advice to all the companies that do not exhibit: exhibit, because you need to know each other.

Rustam Galeev, Commercial Director at Technodizel

I have only positive impressions, quite a lot of colleagues came, and the management of the show is top-notch. This is the second year in a row that we have taken part in this show. We are happy to attend the panels. For us, as manufacturers of rubber products, it is useful and interesting.

We meet with colleagues who give us advice on which direction to take, we exchange experience with them, and we work out cooperation issues in detail. At the show, there were many representatives from China, where we purchase equipment. We met with our supplier and talked about the main aspects of supplying this equipment to us in Bashkiria, in the city of Ufa.

Konstantin Frelikh, Deputy Manager for Recycling Rubber Products at VtorResurs

This trade show is very interesting in terms of useful networking. It brings together like-minded people who share their experiences. We, in turn, share our experience and give each other ideas. The format of such meetings is certainly useful in terms of the company's development.