7th Russian Conference Rubber 2017: Traditions and Innovations

12 / 04 / 2017

The 7th Russian Conference Rubber 2017: Traditions and Innovations will take place on April 2526, 2017.

The annual conference is a keynote event of the business program of the Tires and Rubber specialized exhibition of rubber goods, tires, their production, raw materials and equipment.

The conference was founded by NIIEMI and Moscow Technological University (Institute of Fine Chemical Technologies) with the assistance of Expocentre.

The Russian Industry and Trade Ministry became the conference patron in 2016.

The purpose of the 2017 conference is to discuss problems and tasks of elastomeric science and technology, tire production and market trends, rubber goods and raw materials in Russia and worldwide from the angle of changing consumer needs and requirements of import substitution, resource saving and environmental protection.

The conference will involve academicians, engineers, representatives of the public, industrial enterprises and the industry, tire and rubber consumers, consulting and analytical center specialists, operators, experts, ecologists and other interested specialists. Reports to be delivered at the conference will present a full picture of the industry, including each of its segments and themes.

The 2017 conference is sponsored by SIBUR, the largest enterprise of the industry, Orgkhim Biochemical Holding (Orgkhim Management Company) and Volgograd State University of Technology. The Kauchuk and Rezina journal provides information support. Representatives of sponsors and other leading Russian companies, among them Nizhnekamsnkneftekhim, NIISK Institute, NPP Kvalitet, Makrokhem, Chapayev Cheboksary Production Association and Russian rubber plants, will be attending the plenary meeting and panels of the conference.

Representatives of leading Russian higher education establishments, which train personnel for the rubber industry, among them Kazan National Research University of Technology, Voronezh State University of Technology, Vyatka State University, and Volgograd State University of Technology also intend to partake in the conference. There will be representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences and leading research centers of the industry there, too.

Reports, which have been registered for the conference, focus on an analysis of synthetic rubber production in Russia in 20132016, advantages of the technology of solution rubbers introducing adhesion reduction powders for separation of solution polymerization caoutchoucs, series Quantislip, a next generation of neodymium 1.4-cis-polybutadiene, new antiozonants for rubbers based on oxyalkylated derivatives of 4-aminodiphenylamine - substitutes for 6PPD and Diaphene FP; Ninzhekamskneft will summarize the creation and production of polymeric materials and studies of new types of solution butadiene-styrene rubbers in 2016. Further program is still being prepared.

Anyone wishing to make a report or to present ones company, innovative projects, technologies, products or services should apply to the conferences executive secretary before March 24, 2017.

Applications for attending the conference without making a report may be submitted by April 20, 2017. Terms of participation in the 7th Russian Conference Rubber 2017: Traditions and Innovations and information about progress of its preparation are available on the following websites:


You may also contact conference executive secretary Tatiana Borisovna Konikova for information:
Phone: +7 (499) 256-2166; + 7 (916) 035-6454
Email: tkonikova@mail.ru; t.konikova@yandex.ru