Post Show Report Tires & Rubber 2023

17 / 05 / 2023

The 25th anniversary edition of the International Exhibition for Rubber Goods, Tires, Their Production, Raw Materials and Equipment 

2427 April 2023

Tires & Rubber 2023 is a key trade show for Russian and foreign companies in the field of rubber products, tires, their recovery, recycling and disposal. 

Dates: 2427 April 2023

Venue: EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

Organised by EXPOCENTRE AO

Supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Chemists Union, NIITEKHIM OAO

Under auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Partner: the Elastomers Association

Exhibition space: 2,600 net sq m

Attendance: about 8,000 professional visitors from 33 countries

Exhibitors: 178 companies

Foreign exhibitors: Saspol International Sagl, O.R.P Stampi, Textima Export Import GmbH, Wuhan Mould, TGL Otomotive Lastik Danismanlik Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S., Best Choice Co., Ltd., Doss, etc.

Russian exhibitors: 61 companies (regular exhibitors: AlfaFTOR, BMP Technology, SKB Istra, Kneader, Kolomna Plant of Technical Rubber Products, Tula Rubber Technical Articles Plant, Ural Plant of Elastomeric Seals, the Tire Ecology Association, etc.; newcomers: the Elastomers Association, Melaris, Komed, Uralelastotehnika, Gomma Line; comebacks: Sibur, Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant, Research Institute of Rubber and Polymer Products (NIIR, part of Rostec Group)

Countries: Russia, Belarus, China, Germany, India, Italy, Turkiye, Switzerland

Products on display: raw and auxiliary materials, machinery and equipment for rubber products manufacturing, finished products, solutions for packaging, storage, ecology and environment protection, innovations, etc.

Tires & Rubber 2023 attracted a large number of entrepreneurs and industry professionals, manufacturers of tires and rubber products, as well as suppliers and consumers of these products.

The participants became acquainted with new products, conducted negotiations on supplies, and concluded mutually beneficial contracts. They also took part in the conference programme and learned about current market trends from the industrys leading experts.

This year's exhibition space was more than five times bigger than last year's, which is certainly an indication of the transformation processes in the Russian market: the creation of new domestic production facilities and the active entry of new suppliers from friendly countries into the market.

It is important to mention that the Chinese national pavilion has resumed its work at the show after a forced three-year break, and has grown in terms of both area and the number and quality of exhibitors. The area of the Chinese pavilion was 107 net sq m, and the number of exhibitors was 105 companies.

An important feature of Tires & Rubber 2023 was the significant expansion of the tire segment of the showcase. Companies from China, India and Turkiye presented a wide range of tires for cars, trucks and various types of special and agricultural machinery.

Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Mikhail Yurin, Acting Director of the Department of the Chemical Engineering Complex and Bioengineering Technology of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Artur Smirnov, and Deputy Director of the Department of the Chemical Engineering Complex and Bioengineering Technology of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Darya Shevyakina visited the show on its first day.

Conference programme

The conference programme was highlighted by the 3rd Tires and Rubber International Forum, which this year focused on tire market development, technological sovereignty in the tire and rubber industry, and environmental protection. 

The forums first event was the Panel on the New Realities of the Tire Market. It was organised by EXPOCENTRE AO and NIITEKHIM OAO with the support of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Russian Chemists Union.

In his opening address, Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Mikhail Yurin outlined the main objective of the industry, which is to maintain the positive development trend, and to intensify the process of import substitution of critically important raw materials for tire and rubber production.

Deputy Head at the Department of Chemicals, Perfumes and Cosmetics of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Anna Trofimova gave a brief overview of the performance of the Russian tire industry in 2022 and the first quarter of 2023.

The audience showed great interest in the report by R&D Director at NIITEKHIM Diana Kudryashova on the import substitution of raw materials: realities and prospects. The report provided unique information on a wide range of raw material ingredients for tire and rubber production procured through imports, separating the products procured in unfriendly countries, as well as an assessment of the prospects of import substitution of scarce raw materials.

Representatives of different industry associations and companies also took an active part in the discussion: EcoTyresUnion, the Tyre Manufacturers Association, the Elastomers Association; raw material suppliers: Sibur, Ufaorgsintez; tire manufacturers: Cordiant, Nokian Tyres (Ilon Tire), Bridgestone Tyre Manufacturing CIS, and others.

Concluding the panel, the participants discussed a resolution containing specific proposals to the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade to support the tire industry. 

One of the forums most important events for the 11th Russian Conference with international participants Rubber 2023: Traditions and Innovations. It was organised by EXPOCENTRE AO and the Elastomers Association.

The conference was attended by more than 170 delegates, including representatives of research centres, universities, associations, industrial enterprises and businesses.

Plenary reports of the conference were devoted to the state and prospects of the synthetic rubber and rubber products market, provision of the tire and rubber industry with raw materials under sanctions, opportunities for developing new types of raw materials and improving rubber production technologies, improving product quality and current environmental trends in the industry. Sectional presentations touched upon the development of technologies for production of polymeric materials used in tire and rubber production.

The conference included the Panel on Provision of Raw Materials and Supplies to Rubber Manufacturers with a special focus on cooperation between business and Russian science.

The premiere of the Forum was the Gallery of Solutions for the Tire and Rubber Products Industry, where the exhibiting companies had the opportunity to present their new products to the audience. Export Manager at ARTAWHEEL Reza Hoshmadgari (Iran) announced the start of sales of his company's products in Russia, spoke about the main characteristics of the manufactured tires and invited interested parties to cooperation. General Director at Quehenberger Kirill Chibrikin presented a report on the specialized tire logistics for the Russian and CIS market, warehouse and transport, which included a comparison of distribution centre models in terms of logistics costs, practical examples of the best transport and warehousing logistics solutions for the tire industry, as well as specific aspects of tire warehouses and tire distribution processes. Sibur representative Evdokia Rostovtseva presented the product portfolio of Sibur rubbers for tires and rubber products. The key focus was on neodymium catalyst butadiene rubbers and solution butadiene styrene rubbers, including new grades developed by Sibur under the Russian Tire Manufacturer Support Program. The development of such grades is particularly important for the production of tires with high technical characteristics, including their impact on fuel consumption and rolling resistance.

Traditionally the Panel Discussion of Relevant Issues of Tire Recycling and Reuse was held with the participation of the Tire Ecology Association. The reports were devoted to the problems of the tire recycling industry and its development prospects, cases of collection and recycling of used tires in the Russian regions, as well as technological solutions of the exhibiting companies.

The discussion participants included representatives of AlfaFTOR, Bonus, VtorResurs, Lexor, Lommers STK, Nizhny Novgorod Rubber Recycling Plant, Novorossiysk Processing Company, OZPSH, SimbirskVtorResurs, SUEK-Khakasia, Uralremshina Group, CHRZ, NPO Ecology, and Ekoshina.

Feedback from the exhibitors and visitors, which is a testament to the show's success, can be found here. 

The next edition of the show Tires & Rubber 2024 will take place at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia, from 15 through 18 April 2024.

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